Monday, August 8, 2011

This story smells

Welcome back to JJNN.

As you can probably tell by the dwindling number of posts that I am making, school has entered summer vacation and I am spending less time at my computer so I don't have a lot of time to actually write posts. I will try to get one or two news stories to you a week if I can.

Today's story is from the Japanese Slashdot site.

This might actually be under the banner of TMI (too much information), but I have noticed lately that my sweat is actually smelling worse lately. I am thinking it might be a change in diet or the fact that I am (gasp) actually exercising lately. It could be one of many different things, but the fact remains that I don't like the smell. Luckily I have a nice strong deodorant that helps me out.

Luckily there might be some more help on the way. A Japanese fabric maker named Shikibo Ltd. and a perfume company named Yamamoto Perfumery Co. Ltd. have teamed up to help tame bad smells all across the land. Together they came up with a smell fighting fabric that is called Deo Magic.

You may be asking yourself how it was that two companies that deal in two very different types of goods decided to come together and make a fabric that can erase bad smells. It all started with a popular Japanese TV show called Knight Scoop. The basic theme of the show is people will call in with a question and the show will send famous actors or comedians out to go and figure out the answer.

The episode that brougt the two companies together was "What does my tool box smell so bad?" The president of Yamamoto Perfumery made an apperence in that episode and he solved the problem of the smelly tool box. Basically the president of the company knew that perfumes can be made from the excreations of civets (which smell very bad) so he made a perfume without adding the excreation. When he sprayed the perfume into the tool box the resulting smell was better than the origional perfume.

A worker at Shikibo saw the show and decided to call Yamamoto Perfumery. They decided to work together and make a fabric that can erase bad smells. Future applications may be covers for dipers or in old person's homes.

It is now time for the word of the day. Today's word is 悪臭(あくしゅう). It is pronounced akushuu and it means bad smell.