Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm back!

Hi again everyone

I am finally back home and ready to start up blogging again. I will start again on the normal schedule tomorrow unless something major happens.

I had a good time at camp but came back exhausted. I rested a day and than went down south to Osaka. I spent a day in Nara and a day in Osaka. I had a good time and saw a lot of interesting things. I would share some pictures, but I lost the memory card converter for my cell phone's memory card.

But, here are a few things that I saw: The biggest inside sitting Buddha statues in Japan, one of the biggest ferris wheels in Japan, the smallest mountain in Japan, lots of disgruntled deer, 2 huge whale sharks, lots of freeky long legged crabs and a lot of other sea creatures in the aquarium. I also got bitten by a deer. Damn deer.

After my trip I was just tired and busy. I didn't have the time or energy to actually post. But, I got a lot of sleep last night and the night before so I am ready to start up again. I can't wait to post again!


  1. Why were the deer disgruntled and how did you manage to get yourself bit by one?

  2. Deer are always a little disgruntled around this time of year. But, this one was just mad because I didn't feed him more than I was feeding the rest of the deer. In Nara there are places where you can buy food for the deer and go around and feed them. I fed this particular deer and was going to feed the other ones, but he wanted more food. He got mad and bit me. I ended up smacking him on the snout, but him didn't like that either so he hit me with his horns (not the pointy end first though). I got the hell away from that deer after that.