Friday, September 11, 2009

Giant Gundam

I was a little more busy than I though that I would be today so I didn't have time to actually look for a news story, so instead of news I will tell you a little about my summer vacation. Actually, even though I say summer vacation, I only had a few actual days off from work. I had a lot of summer camps to teach English to jr high school and elementary school students. It was fun, but it was just too busy. Though, one weekend I went to Tokyo with a couple of my friends. While I was in Tokyo one of my friends said we should go to a place called Odaiba. In one of the parks of Odaiba there was a giant (18 meter/59 foot tall) robot statue. This robot is from the anime called Gundam. It was really amazing to watch just from a logistical standpoint. I really wonder how they built it and why. All good questions, but it is also just fun to look at. So, below is a picture I took and a youtube video. Enjoy!

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