Tuesday, February 24, 2009

JJNN: Academy Award

Welcome again to JJNN for February 24th, 2009. Today I will be talking about the Academy Awards.

Wait a second! What does the Academy Awards have to do with Japan? Actually, this year it has a lot to do with Japan. This is the first year that a Japanese movie has actually won at the Academy Awards. But, actually, there were two Japanese movies that took prizes at the Academy Awards this year.

The first one has the English title Departures. Departures is the story of a person that worked as a celloist up until the point where the land he is working in falls apart. He ends up selling his cello and moving back into his old family house. He has no job so he goes to a job interview. The job advertisement said they wanted someone to help people depart. He thought it was for a travel agent, but it turned out to be for a company that helps prepare dead bodies for burial (not depart as in fly away but die as it turns out). He has no other source of income so he takes the job. After a while he accepts the job and takes pride in it. The rest of the movie is about how people treat the main character when they find out what his job is. All in all a good movie from what I have heard. I will have to see it some time.

The second movie is called The House Made out of Building Blocks. This is a short animated sequence that tells the story of one man and his past while also bring in the subject of the environment. All in all it sounds heavy, but it is a good animation. I was able to find it on youtube so you can watch it in its entirety. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

You might want to watch those fast because they will probably be erased from youtube soon. Damn copyright.

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