Thursday, February 12, 2009

JJNN Maido 1

Welcome again to JJNN for February 12th, 2009. Today we will be talking about a satellite.

As I talked about on January 23rd there was a a lot of satellites were put into orbit by the successful launch of an H2A rocket from southern Japan. One of those satellites was called Maido 1. The job Maido 1 is suppose to perform is collecting data for the modeling of electric storms, bit it is not quite ready to take data at the moment. So, instead of just letting the satellite orbit without a purpose while it is preparing to gather data, the scientists affixed some cameras to the satellite.

There are actually 2 different types of cameras. The first one is used to take pictures of the Earth and the second one is going to be used to take pictures of the moon and skies. The name of the camera maker is Shikino Hi Tech. It is a very high definition camera and took the following picture.

It is a little hard to figure out what the picture actually shows because of all of the clouds, but that is Japan. You can see Japan's southern islands to the left of the picture. I am a little sad that you can't see where I live because of the clouds, but you get used to clouds when you live where I live. But, what makes this picture amazing in my opionion is that the satellite was 666 km (about 414 miles) above the earth when the picture was taken. I wonder how much that camera cost.

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