Tuesday, February 17, 2009

JJNN: Maido 1 update

Welcome again to JJNN for February 17th, 2009. Today I will be giving a quick update of Maido 1.

I talked about Maido 1 back on February 12th. This has quickly become my favorite satellite. Well, actually, I guess I don't have a ranking of satellites that I like, but if I did it would be on the top I guess. As I said before, the job of Maido 1 is to gather data about lighting and electric storms.

Well, as it turns out, Maido 1 got it's first real look at lighting over the weekend. In it's orbit Maido 1 caught a glimpse of lighting over Africa and Australia. This detection of lighting was not planned, but it ended up being a good test for the Maido 1's sensors. The person that designed Maido 1's sensors says that the sensors could clearly detect the lighting and everything checked out just fine.

To put a face (?) with the name Maido 1 I included a picture of the satellite below. Enjoy.

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