Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New format

Hi guys

I decided that I am going to change the format of this blog a little bit. Instead of being all about science and technology news from Japan I am going to be a little bit more broad. I will take on 7 topics, one for each day of the week. All of the topics will still be news stories about Japan, but they will be a little bit more varied than before.

The topics will go in this order;

Monday: Science
Tuesday: Entertainment
Wednesday: Games
Thursday: Japanese culture
Friday: Technology
Saturday: Pseudoscience
Sunday: Leftovers

Most of the categories are self-explanatory, but I will say a little about all of the any way.

The science category will cover anything from paper airplanes to quantum engines. I will try to make things easy to understand for everyone, but if there are any questions, as always, leave comments.
The entertainment category is going to cover things like TV, movies, music and the like coming out in Japan. There will probably be a lot of youtube clips on this day.
The game category will not be for just video games. It will also include board games and games played specifically in Japan. Also I might talk about games you are familiar with, but with the Japanese rule sets.
The Japanese culture category is going to be an explanation of specific parts of Japanese culture. These might include things like how to have fun at a Japanese festival or how to take a bath.
The technology category is the bread and butter of this blog. I will not change anything from how I have been doing this part of the news.
The pseudoscience category is going to take a look at pseudosciences and their interaction with the people of Japan. This is going to be a fun part of the blog to write up because there is just so much material out there to write about.
And lastly, the leftovers category is for any of those interesting news stories that I just didn't report on during the week. I will try to give a nice weekly roundup as well.

The major difference here is that fact that most of the time I can't reference a news story because there may not be a news story to reference about the particular topic I will be writing about. It will be hard to find a story in, say, Japanese culture every week, so those weeks with no culture stories I will just take information from my own experiences and make the post as good as I can.

So what do you guys think about this? Leave me a comment and let me know.

See you next time on JJNN

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