Thursday, July 31, 2008

Videos from Japan

Here are some more random videos from Japan. This first one is water art in a place called canal city in Fukuoka Japan.

Canal city is a famous mall in Fukuoka. I don't know if I would go all that way just to see water art, but I got to say that it is damn cool. It is amazing what people can do with computer and the knowledge that things fall at 9.8 meters a second.

The second and last video contains some Japanese music.

That is the taiko and, as you can see, it is a big and impressive drum. I once got a chance to play one, but after a while it just ended up hurting my head. I think that I will stick with shamisen.

That's it for today, but I am sure I will be back again before I have to head to English camp on Tuesday. Until next time!

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