Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JJNN Tuesday: Entertainment - 12

Welcome again to JJNN for Tuesday October 21st, 2008. Today we will be talking about random animation that I found.

I looked hard, but there was really no good entertainment news out there today. That is why I decided to do what I always do when I can't find anything else to do: I turned to youtube. I decided to find some good Japanese animations that don't use a lot (or any) Japanese) and that are entertaining. The first animation can be seen below.

It is very simple, right? That is why I like it. That, and it is almost exactly my life on the weekend. Sitting at home, reading books, watching TV, avoiding people that come to my door and poking at my cell phone. The home page of the person that made the animation can be found here.

The second video is a animated music video to a song called "Sakana no Uta." That translates roughly to "The song of the fish." It may not look like it, but apparently the person that made the animation is not a pro. There are some amazing amateurs out there, aren't there?

This last one really makes me think. The animation really only tells part of the story. I wish there was more to see. I will have to see if I can find out more about the people that made the animation. All I know is that they did it for a university project.

Any way, it is now time for the word of the day. Today's word is 自主制作(じしゅせいさく). It is pronounced jishu seisaku and means home made. Speaking of home made, I decided that I am going to learn how to make a hat, I figure if I make one I won't go and loose it like the ones that I buy.

That's it for today. See you next time at JJNN.

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